The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry has been forced to postpone public hearings as attorneys appearing before the Commission are arguing strongly over certain matters.

Sittings resumed this morning but were held in private with only the Commissioners and attorneys allowed in.

It’s understood that attorneys are making submissions on whether certain ‘sensitive’ documents from the security forces are to be made public at the Enquiry.

It’s being argued by some attorneys that they should remain outside the public domain under the principle of public interest immunity.

Public hearing was set to resume at 2 this afternoon but was postponed.

Commission Secretary, Maria Jones, says this is because matters concerning the documents in question remain unresolved.

She says there’ll be no sitting of the Enquiry tomorrow.

However, she says the Commissioners will be meeting to go through the documents so they’ll be able to rule on the arguments being made about public interest immunity.

Mrs. Jones says it’s necessary for the matters to be settled for the continued cross-examination of former Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington.

Public hearings are to resume Friday morning.