Caribbean Broilers is reducing prices of all its locally produced food products effective Monday.

The lower prices will apply to CB Chicken, Copperwood Pork, the Caribbean Passion passion line, Chippenham Eggs, Omega Smart Egg line and the Bad Dawg Sausages.

The CB Group’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Keith Amiel, says the reductions are due a number of factors including lower overheads and a stable dollar.

“We use lots of energy and water in our production process and we have noticed that the bills have dropped but most of all, our production is based mainly on imported grains and international price for corn, soy beans and wheat has been trending down and this have resulted in us producing our meats at a litter lower cost and we feel that the consumer should benefit from this,” he added. 

He says on average, the cost of chicken produced by his company will reduce by 2-dollars-50-cents per kilogram.

The price of pork will decrease by 2-dollars per kilogram and egg prices will be reduced by 1 dollar per dozen.

He says there’ll also be a reduction in the price for Nutramix animal feeds which will fall by 50 dollars a bag or 2-thousand dollars per tonne.