Environmentalist, Peter Espeut, is questioning what legislation exists to declare sections of the island ecologically sensitive areas.

During his contribution to the budget debate, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced a slew of policy changes targeted at enhancing the protection of the environment.

Fifteen areas across the island are set to receive enhanced protection, after being declared as Ecologically Sensitive Areas or ESAs by the Prime Minister.

Mr Espeut says he wants more details about the Prime Minister’s environmental plans.

He also applauded some announcements made by the Prime Minister.

Peter Espeut, Environmentalist.

In the meantime, CEO of the Jamaica Environment Trust, JET, Dr. Theresa Rodriguez Moodie, says it’s time we enforce the environmental laws already on the books.

Dr. Theresa Rodriguez Moodie, CEO of the Jamaica Environment Trust.

They were speaking Friday on Nationwide at Five.