The National Water Commission, NWC, says with the island currently experiencing some rainfall in several parishes and a forecast for continued downpour, it is hopeful that its raw water sources and catchments will benefit from significant increases in flows.

The Commission says since the ongoing dry spell, over 70 NWC systems have been affected by declining inflows ranging from 40-60 percent.

It says it is now monitoring these water shed areas to measure the level of improvement that the rainfall has had on inflows.

According to the Commission, it is heartened by the rainfall so far and the promise that it could alleviate the water shortage that has necessitated the regulations in a number of areas.

It says some demand has been lessened as persons (especially farmers) can now utilise rainwater for their activities.

It is cautioning customers however against the expectation that the rainfall will cause an immediate replenishing of all storages and systems.

The Commission says from experience, this is a gradual process that comes after sustained periods of rainfall that recharges watersheds and aquifers.

It says notwithstanding, Jamaicans can be assured that the Commission will move to relax the regulations once there are adequate improvements in storage and sustained inflows to assure reliable service.