The European Union remains divided over whether or not to impose an embargo on Russian oil imports.

Energy ministers are now meeting in Brussels for a press conference on the decision.

Germany says it would be ready to support an oil embargo, but not to block Russian gas.

This morning Hungary made clear that it remains opposed to the decision.

Last month, the bloc’s top diplomat pointed out that the 1 billion Euros being sent every day to Russia in the form of energy payments was 35 times more than what the EU had actually donated to Ukraine to help it to defend itself.

The EU is worried its dependence on Russian fossil fuels is inadvertently helping the Kremlin to fund the invasion of Ukraine.

This as a significant proportion of the payments are taken by the Russian government in tax.

Some 100 people evacuated from a besieged steel plant in the southern city of Mariupol are due to arrive in Ukraine-held areas.