Transport Minister, Robert Montague, is refuting claims that the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, is up for sale to Chinese construction company, CHEC.

Information circulating on social media yesterday alleged that the Chinese construction company had made moves to cross over into the transport industry with a proposed buy-out of the JUTC.

There was also claims of leaked footage of Chinese drivers training to operate the buses on Jamaican streets.

The Transport Minister says this is fake news.

Mr. Montague says there’s no offer on the table and if one should come, the company is not for sale.

He further added that this is a rumour designed to spread fear and panic.

The Transport Minister is condemning the action.

Mr. Montague says the producers of fake news should instead be uniting to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, not spreading rumours.

The Minister is urging every Jamaican to ignore fake news and keep their families, communities and themselves safe.