All agents from Alorica’s Portmore branch are to get a compassionate grant of $13,500.00 from the company, today.

The company has sent an email making the offer to its employees.

Workers at the Portmore branch have been home due to a major cluster of COVID-19 cases at the facility.

Alorica’s management came under heavy criticism last week for slashing most of its Portmore and Kingston workers’ base pay by 75%
Both locations are temporarily closed.

For some Kingston agents, the significant salary reduction means they’d only receive 6-thousand dollars every two weeks.

One of the agents spoke with Nationwide News.

An Alorica Kingston agent speaking with Nationwide News.

But in an email over the weekend, Alorica says workers will continue to receive 100 percent of their base salary.

It says their current employment contract will remain in place until April 30, even if they’re unable to work at home.

The company says these payments will be made via bank transfer on their regular pay day.

It says employees who’re currently working at home will continue to do so and receive regular pay and the opportunity to earn more through their respective programs according to the terms of their employment contract.

Alorica says it’s finding solutions to transition more employees to work at home and will provide an update by the end of the month.

And, the company says the compassionate grant will be directly deposited to worker’s bank accounts today.

Alorica says the compassionate grant is a one- time payment.

The company says the grant is not a salary, but their way of providing workers with some additional funds to help support themselves in getting what they need while they’re unable to work.

Alorica says it will do everything it can to support workers during this time.

An agent at Alorica’s Portmore site says the company had implemented several social distancing measures and hygiene practices even before a case was confirmed at the facility.

He also claims the company had restricted workers sharing equipment.

The Alorica employee is appealing to people not to spread rumours about the entity.

An Alorica employee at the Portmore site in St. Catherine.