The prosecution’s first witness in the Klansman Gang Trial this morning corroborated details of the second witness about a murder incident at Fishery in which the gangsters were allegedly involved.

The witness was recalled to face additional questions by defense attorneys and the prosecution.

The prosecution asked him to clarify the incident at Fishery which he had outlined in his statement to the police.

According to the witness the gangsters met up in Jones Avenue late at night and planned how to murder a man he says was a top shooter for Tesha Miller and don for Fishery.

He says his task was to ‘run di road’ or be on look out for police and alert the gang.

This witness, like the other, says some of the gangsters were armed and there was what he calls ‘bakkle boom’ involved.

But defense attorney, Denise Hinson, pointed out that there was no mention in the witness’ statement to the police that the gangsters were going to kill someone at Fishery.

The witness shot back saying:

“In the statement it say Blackman intended to kill di yute at Fishery don’t, I cant read Blackman mind nuh mus talk him talk it?”

The witness is presenting evidence against 33 alleged members of the criminal organisation including Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, who he said headed the One Don faction of the gang.