Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Elaine Foster-Allen, is questioning the education sector’s readiness for the Ministry’s new Sixth Form Pathways Programme.

The programme will see provisions being made for students aged 16 to 18 years, having completed grade 11, to access an additional two years of placement in the education system.

Mrs. Foster-Allen, who’s also a member of the People’s National Party’s education task force, says a phased approach is needed for the programme’s roll out.

The ministry says there will be a $17,000 grant for each student who enrolls in the compulsory programme in high schools.

Students who access the programme at public tertiary institutions will benefit from a government grant of $60,000.

Mrs. Foster-Allen says the provisions for an extensive roll out have yet to be established.

The former permanent secretary added that the shortage of teachers needs to be addressed for the programme.

Elaine Foster-Allen, former permanent secretary in the education ministry.

She was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Chevon Campbell and Danielle Archer.