Government Senator, Abka Fitz-Henley, is urging supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, to remain focused on the party’s political mission and informing the public of what he says are the achievements of the Holness administration.

Senator Fitz-Henley was addressing a May Pen West Divisional conference in Mike Henry’s Central Clarendon constituency on Sunday night.

He briefly took aim at PNP general secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell and one of Campbell’s predecessors, Peter Bunting.

News emerged over the weekend that Bunting and Campbell have been earmarked by the PNP to contest the East Westmoreland and South Manchester constituencies respectively when the next General Election is called.

Fitz-Henley said the political development is testament to the good work done by two young women who represent the JLP.

However, Senator Fitz-Henley told Labourites that the JLP should not be distracted from its mission of doing right by the Jamaican people.

Senator Abka Fitz-Henley.