Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, is calling for a serious review of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Speaking yesterday at the organization’s 70th-Anniversary ceremony, Mr. Golding says the OAS hasn’t fully lived up to its mandate.

Mr. Golding says while the OAS has had some successes it’s failed to achieve much-needed consensus in the Region.

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He was speaking at the University of the West Indies Regional Headquarters where the OAS celebrated its 70th anniversary as a regional institution.

The OAS by its own definition was established in order to achieve, among its member states, an order of peace and justice and to strengthen their collaboration.

Today it boasts a membership of 35 independent states including Jamaica and the United States.

It constitutes the main political, judicial, and social governmental forum in the hemisphere.

Mr. Golding says recent crises in the region have revealed glaring flaws in the structure of the OAS.

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However, he says the OAS cannot be blamed entirely for the failures of its member states.

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The former Prime Minister of Jamaica is calling for better leadership throughout the organization.

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