The National Commercial Bank, NCB, says several of their customers have lost $18 million over the last ten days due to fraudulent activities.

NCB is warning customers to be vigilant and take the necessary security measures to protect their data from smishing and vishing attacks.

Speaking on Nationwide At Five this evening, Manager of Special Investigation and Fraud Prevention Unit at NCB, Dane Nicholson says fraudsters have been using SMS messages, purporting to be from NCB asking customers to click a link.

This is known as smishing. Vishing is when fraudsters attempt to get information via phone calls.

After clicking this link, the fraudsters ask customers to disclose personal and banking information on a page that mimics the NCB website.

Mr. Nicholson says NCB’s policy does not allow for any communication that requires customers to click links.

He also cautions customers not to divulge, usernames, passwords, pin or token codes, he says that knowledge must be exclusive to the customer.

The bank says that they are working to improve their cyber security infrastructure to mitigate the impact of increasingly advanced smishing and vishing attacks.