The Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica, GGPAJ, says in the seventh anniversary of the lawful ganja industry, the sector needs a revival.

GGPAJ President, Richard “Dickie’ Crawford, says seven years and the industry remains stifled and restricted.

The Dangerous Drug Act was amended on April 5, 2014 bringing about the legislation needed to create a lawful cannabis industry on the island.

Mr. Crawford says since then, missteps have allowed other global players to over take Jamaica.

Mr. Crawford says there’s been no amendments in six years to what was then a progressive piece of legislation in April 2015, but today is a prohibitive and restrictive policy document compared to the rest of the world.

He also says the regulations for the industry remain overly bureaucratic and overreaching.

Mr. Crawford says the Cannabis Licensing Authority, CLA has not lived up to its purpose, but the fault lies with all stakeholders, including the Parliamentary Opposition and the Government.

He says everyone needs to cooperate to bring the industry into the future.

Meanwhile, Mr. Crawford says he supports a call by Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, for the amendment of the Dangerous Drugs Act to wholly take the lawful cannabis industry out of its purview

He says  placing the industry under the Act gives it a bad image.

He says the label stems from a pre independence piece of legislation which needs to be changed.

Crawford notes that a shift in the international opinion of cannabis, lends support to move it from the dangerous drug classification.

Richard “Dickie” Crawford, President of the Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica.

He was speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.