The prices at the pumps will rise to their highest level in five months this morning…

Petrojam is increasing the prices for 87 and 90 Octane by 1-dollar and 72-cents per litre.

87 will sell for 1-hundred and 10-dollars and 71-cents..

While 90 will sell for 1-hundred and 12 dollars and 36 cents

The price for Automotive Diesel will increase 1-dollar-88-cents, while Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel will increase by 2-dollar and 1-cents.

The price of Kerosene goes up by 2-dollar-03-cents per litre, LPG Propane will cost 97-cents more per litre , while LPG Butane will move up by 1-dollar 1-cent per litre.

Petrojam blames the prices on developments in the US Gulf Coast Region.