Prominent Attorney-at-law, Raymond Clough, has been suspended from practicing law in Jamaica for one year.

The disciplinary committee of the General Legal Council, the GLC, made the announcement recently via a publication in the press.

Clough was suspended after he was found guilty of professional misconduct.

The GLC says they took the action following a complaint filed against him by one of the country’s leading Attorneys, Queen’s Counsel Frank Phipps.

Clough has been ordered to pay 8-hundred-and-50 thousand dollars in costs to the GLC. That payment was to be made before August 15.

He’s also been ordered to pay 4-hundred thousand dollars to Mr. Phipps.

Clough’s suspension is to take effect on September 1. The GLC panel which suspended Clough was led by Attorney, Margarette McCaulay and included fellow Attorneys, Ursula Khan and Trevor Ho-Lyn.

Raymond Clough has practiced law in Jamaica for several decades. He’s one of the country’s most senior attorneys. Clough is a partner in the law firm – Clough Long and Company.

The GLC is reminding the public that it’s against the rules and regulations of the profession for an Attorney who’s suspended to continue practicing law during the period of his or her suspension.