The woman on trial as part of the so-called Uchence Wilson gang says she’d never put her children in harm’s way, as she pleaded her innocence in the Supreme Court today.

Shantol Gordon and 17 others are accused of being a part of a gang.

She’s the girlfriend of reputed gang leader, Uchence Wilson and mother of two of his children.

The prosecution alleges Gordon, facilitated serious criminal offences by selling some of the stolen property from robberies allegedly committed by the gang.

Following one such robbery, she’s alleged to have helped the gang evade capture by hiding a gun in the bag of her new born baby.

In her sworn evidence, Gordon denies being in a gang or committing any criminal offence.

She also denies transferring a gun for the alleged gang saying she’d never put her baby in any harm or danger.

Gordon says she’s met one of the state’s witnesses.

She says the witness drove a taxi for her and Wilson.

But she says the relationship ended when the witness became irregular with payments.

When asked why the witness would implicate her in a gang, Gordon said the witness was lying.

She says the witness was upset because she took away her car.

Gordon also admitted to knowing the lone member of the Constabulary in the matter, Detective Corporal Lloyd Knight.

She said she knew Detective Corporal Knight briefly, when they exchanged texts that could be deemed as flirting.

The trial is set to resume on Monday.