Opposition Leader, Mark Golding has described the Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, and the Ministry of Economic, Growth and Job Creation as the ‘naughty corner’ to house ministers who have disgraced the government.

His comments come amid the Andrew Holness-led Cabinet shuffle on Monday.

According to Mr. Golding, OPM and the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation have become super ministries.

He further argued that Ministry of Justice has been spilt into two bodies with the newly formed Ministry of Legal and Constitution Affairs.

He says this will put further strain on the pockets of the tax payers.

Mark Golding, President of the Peoples National Party.

He was speaking during a People’s National Party media briefing yesterday.

The Office of the Prime Minister now comprise the former state minister in the Ministry of Education, Robert Morgan, former Agriculture Minister Floyd Green and former Minister of State in the Ministry of LocalĀ  Government and Rural Development, Homer Davis.

The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation now comprise Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, former Minister of Transport and Mining, Robert Montaque, Minister without Portfolio Everald Warmington and former State Minister in the Ministry of National Security, Matthew Samuda.