Reggae artist, Jah Cure, was remanded in custody when he appeared in a court in Amsterdam to answer to a series of charges including attempted murder on Wednesday.

Jah Cure’s real name is Siccature Alcock.

The hearing lasted two hours after which the judge ruled that Jah Cure must return on March 8 when the substantive hearing will take place.

Jah Cure is also facing a charge of aggravated assault. 

The prosecutor is now waiting for the results of the digital investigation into the suspect’s phone for the trial to begin

The public prosecutor is reportedly also awaiting pertinent information from  Jamaican authorities regarding Cure’s prior convictions.

The 43-year-old singer is being held at a detention centre outside Amsterdam for allegedly stabbing show promoter Nicardo Blake on October 2 last year.

Blake, whose Roots Vibes company stages reggae shows in The Netherlands, allegedly sustained injuries to the abdomen and was reportedly hospitalised.