Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, says he isn’t confident US President Donald Trump can lead the world’s push towards a speedy recovery in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era.

While Mr. Golding says a global recovery cannot happen without input from the United States, he says the Trump doctrine of America first will not facilitate the collaboration required for a global rebound of the faltering economies.

Mr Golding also says the economic recovery from COVID-19 depends on how soon a vaccine will be developed and made widely available. 

The former Prime Minister says there will be a sharp recovery if a vaccine is developed soon. 

But, Mr. Golding says if that doesn’t happen then the global economy will experience what he calls an L- Curve. 

Bruce Golding, Former Prime Minister, speaking this morning on Cliff Hughes Online. 

He says a global collaboration on research is also necessary.

Mr Golding says multi-nationals must also be included in the global collaboration to assist small developing nations like Jamaica. 

And, the former Prime Minister says while there have been a number of missteps, he’s very proud of how Prime Minister Andrew Holness is managing Jamaica’s response to the pandemic.