Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, says he’ll not engage in a constitutional reform agenda that reduces parliamentary oversight of States of Public Emergency.

Mr. Golding says he will not support any move that damages the democratic traditions of Jamaica.

The PNP President was speaking on the online podcast “The Fix” over the weekend.

He’s responding to concerns that Jamaica’s move toward a republic could be stalled due to the unwillingness of the PNP to name their members to a committee being set up to guide the process.

However, Mr. Golding says many of the statements made by Constitutional Affairs Minister, Marlene Malahoo Forte, have left him wary.

Neither Prime Minister Andrew Holness nor Minister Malahoo-Forte has expressed a public view toward amending the two-thirds parliamentary requirements to extend SOEs.

However, the JLP has made it clear that they believe it’s an indispensable tool in tackling Jamaica’s high incidence of murders.

This utilisation of the enhanced security measure has repeatedly been rejected and blocked by the PNP’s senate minority.

Mr. Golding says the JLP’s approach to the constitution does not inspire confidence.

Mark Golding, Opposition Leader.