PNP President Mark Golding is expected to give his thoughts on the redefined ideology of the Peoples National Party coming out of the Tony Bogues Report, when he addresses a private session of the 84th annual conference this afternoon.

Day two of the private session is being held at Jamaica College in St Andrew.

The party president, who is expected to speak about 3:30 this afternoon, will also share policy issues and plans for Jamaica as well as address specific issues relating to the current state of the nation.

Tomorrow is the public session at the National Arena where the main address will also be given by Mr Golding.

It is the first time since being elected president of the party that Mr Golding will have the opportunity to address a public session of a PNP annual conference.

Meanwhile, the police are advising people who will be attending the Annual Conference at the National Arena tomorrow that no firearms, drugs, knives, ice picks, machetes, umbrellas (long ones), glass bottles or any other item that can be used to cause serious harm or injury, will be allowed inside the venue.

The police say the organisers of the event have made limited provisions for the safe keeping of firearms, however, persons are advised to make alternative arrangements wherever possible.

They say everyone entering the venue will be subjected to a search and no vending will be allowed outside of the designated areas.

And the police say motorists are reminded that all provisions of the Road Traffic Act will be strictly enforced.

In particular, the police are warning drivers not to allow passengers to hang from the doors of motor buses, sit on top of motor vehicles, or have any part of the body protruding from the motor vehicles.