Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says the government is on course to solving most of the problems affecting the Cornwall Regional Hospital by early next year.

He says most of the issues would be dealt with and the facility back up and running by the first quarter of 2018.

Operations at the hospital were scaled down and in many cases relocated for renovations after staff and patients complained of noxious fumes.

Dr. Tufton told journalists at the Ministry’s Headquarters in Kingston on Monday that repairs had been done to some sections of the building. He says based on the fact that the operating theatres cannot be moved, some in-patients remain at the hospital.

Dr. Tufton says nearly 500 patients are being seen per day at the neighbouring Seventh-day Adventist Western Jamaica Conference Centre, where outpatient services are being accommodated.

And as many as 10 clinics operate from the facility.