Minister of Transport, Robert Montague, says changes are coming that could eliminate the possibility of an individual buying a drivers’ license.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning, Mr. Montague, says changes are coming to limit the possibility of cheating the system.

Stevian Simmonds has that story.

Buying a driver’s license.

It’s a practice that many claim is rife in Jamaica.

However, Transport Minister Robert Montague, says he has no evidence to suggest this is actually done.

Despite that statement, he says measures will be put in place to make the process of acquiring a driver’s license far more objective.

He says it will start from the application for a learner’s permit.

Mr. Montague also says more technology will go into both the written and road tests.

With road fatalities running above 400 for the year pressure is on the government to bring the numbers down.

However, despite the changes that are expected, Minister Montague was unable to provide a concrete target for reducing road fatalities at this time.