Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his administration is prepared to resolve amicably the controversy surrounding the decision by the former-Simpson Miller-led Cabinet to authorize the transfer of a multi-million dollar piece of state owned land to a trust for only $10,000.

The land is located in the Opposition Leader’s South West St. Andrew constituency.

In 2012, Mrs. Simpson Miller’s Cabinet authorized the transfer of the land to what it described as a trust.

But Prime Minister Holness says the land which is valued at $164-million was not transferred to a trust but a company owned by private individuals.

The names attached to the purported trust are Dr. Winston Davidson, Sterling Soares and Abraham Dabdoub.

The Prime Minister disclosed that the $10,000 transfer fee was not paid.

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Mr. Holness further revealed that the trust was never formally established.

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Auditor General Pamela Munroe Ellis had raised concerns about the transfer of the land during her report on activities at the Factories Corporation of Jamaica, FCJ.

Mrs. Munroe Ellis recommended that the Attorney General should probe the issue.

The Prime Minister says his administration will take into consideration several factors in resolving the issues.

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And in response to the Prime Minister’s statement, Mrs. Simpson Miller says the area in question, has been earmarked to develop a sports complex.

She says she has no issue with the rest of the land being used for economic development.

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