The parliamentary Opposition has accused the Government of attempting to dodge the evening news cycle by having the Industry Minister, Anthony Hylton, delay answering questions about the multi-billion dollar Krauck and Anchor investment initiative.

The handling of the USD$5-billion proposed investment by Hylton has been an embarrassment to the Simpson-Miller administration.

Despite promising to provide an update to the country regarding what he had said would be a mega investment in Jamaica’s logistics hub, Hylton has been noticeably silent for the last two weeks.

According to Parliament’s Standing Orders, the Investment Minister, Anthony Hylton, was to answer questions from his Opposition counterpart, Karl Samuda, at approximately 4:00pm this afternoon.

But at that time, Acting-Leader of Government Business in the House, Julian Robinson, said the answers to the Krauck and Anchor questions would be delayed until in the afternoon.

Speaker of the House, Michael Peart, supported Robinson and indicated that instead National Security Minister, Peter Bunting would begin debate on the DNA Bill.

Leader of Opposition Business in the House, Derrick Smith, objected.

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Mr. Smith’s efforts to have the questions answered according to the schedule were shut down.

As Bunting attempted to proceed, Smith accused the Simpson Miller-administration of attempting to save the Industry Minister from embarrassment.

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