Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the Government’s plan to remove income tax from some members of the labour force is likely to shock the economy.

Dr. Phillips says the JLP-administration will have no choice but to increase taxes.

The former Finance Minister was addressing a media conference today at the PNP’s Old Hope Road Headquarters.

Dr. Phillips says it’s clear the JLP has misled the Jamaican people concerning the viability of its income tax plan.

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The former Finance Minister is also predicting that the JLP-administration will be forced to increase taxes to support the planned income tax break for persons who earn $1.5-million or less.

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Dr. Phillips says it’s time for the country to reassess its approach to politics and economics.

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Dr. Phillips says Audley Shaw and the JLP-administration should be open and state clearly how they’ll implement the raise in the income tax threshold.

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