The Electricity of Haiti has apologized to consumers in various communities and in the capital after their electricity supply was disrupted due to the actions of what it said are heavily armed individuals.

In a statement, the company said armed persons had invaded a sub-station on the pretext that their zones were not being supplied with electricity.

But it said once inside the building, they threatened security guards and service technicians, who were forced to flee the premises.

The building was looted, and operating equipment was vandalized.

The company said as a result, the substation has become inoperative and that several areas of the capital are no longer being supplied with electricity.

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Dr. Ariel Henry, has called on the international community to support efforts to deal with his country’s ongoing socio-economic and political situation.

He said to deal with this situation, his administration urged the international community to participate in a specialized multinational force to help the Haitian security forces to fight against the proliferation of organized crime, the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition, and eradicate the gangs that have held the country, hostage.