A suspect is at this hour in police custody for the killing of 27-year- old Nevia Sinclair.

Sinclair, a past student of the Hampton school, was murdered insider her family’s home last night.

She was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend, just hours after another incident in Greater Portmore, in which a JDF soldier chopped and shot his common-law wife to death before killing himself.

The two domestic killings have jolted the nation.

Sinclair, who was 27-years-old, was employed at the National Works Agency in St. Elizabeth.

The Hampton Old Girl was reportedly at her grandmother’s house sometime after 10 last night with her mother.

It’s understood she and her mother, who live next door, went home close to 11:00.

Preliminary information indicates that unbeknown to the family, Sinclair’s boyfriend had gained entry to the home through a window.

It’s understood he was waiting in the dark in Ms. Sinclair’s room with a knife from their kitchen.

Nationwide News understands the family arrived home and had settled in for the night.

It’s understood Ms. Sinclair was immediately attacked when she entered the room.

Police sources say screams were heard coming from her room, which alerted her parents who went to investigate and allegedly saw her boyfriend running from the room.

Sinclair was seen lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Her throat was slashed and her body had stab wounds to the left breast, knee and chin.

In the months before the attack, Sinclair and her alleged killer had reportedly been living in a common law relationship in the Spur Tree area of Manchester.

It’s reported that the relationship became abusive and toxic.

Sinclair reportedly ended the relationship in December, and returned home to her parents’ house in  Brinkley in Nain, St. Elizabeth.

However, it’s understood Sinclair’s boyfriend insisted on the relationship continuing.

Councillor for the Myersville division where Brinkley is located, Layton Smith also gave insight on the relationship.

The accused was this morning turned over to the police by his father.