PNP Presidential aspirant, Lisa Hanna, says if she knew she would have the opportunity to become party president, she might have adjusted how she lived her political life and treated some persons differently, whose support she now needs to secure the top job.

The comments were made by the South East St Ann MP in a video clip, in which she also describes herself as a warrior.

Ms Hanna says she’s not the same person she was a decade ago.

Lisa Hanna, PNP, Presidential aspirant and South East St Ann MP.

In the race to replace outgoing PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, Ms Hanna is going up against South St Andrew MP, Mark Golding.

Meanwhile, Councillor for the Payne Land Division, Audrey Smith Facey, has announced her support for Ms Hanna’s bid to become PNP President.

Mrs. Smith Facey says Ms Hanna’s narrow win the recent General Elections isn’t a cause for concern for her.

Audrey Smith Facey, Payne Land Division Councillor.