Two senior citizens who reside in Hannah Town, Kingston, say they are relieved that the guns have recently ceased barking in the volatile community.

Hannah Town falls in the constituency of South St. Andrew, which is represented in parliament by Opposition Leader Mark Golding.

Mr. Golding led a peace march through Hannah Town last weekend, as he sought to rally the support of residents to establish and maintain peace in the community.

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Thirty-three murders were recorded in the Kingston West Police Division between January 1 and April 30. Several of those murders were committed in Hannah Town.

Our news team visited the community this week and spoke to Miss Olga, a 78-year-old widow. She says she has been living in Hannah Town since 1968, having moved there 55 years ago.

Miss Olga says she’s hopeful that a seeming truce between gunmen in the community will hold up.

Her sentiments were echoed by Alphonso Grant. Mr. Grant, a 64-year-old labourer, says he’s appreciative of the relative calm of the past three weeks.

He believes that the youngsters are the ones causing all the trouble in the community.

The police say a battle for the right to the be the don of Hannah Town, is at the heart of the bloodletting in the community over the past 13 months.

Mr. Grant says long term peace is elusive because of a lack of trust.

Commanding Officer for Kingston West, Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, says the police are implementing a plan to ensure the peace holds in Hannah Town.

Meanwhile, SSP Phipps says his office will make the requisite representation on behalf of residents of Hannah Town who are calling for a police station in the community.

SSP Michael Phipps, head of the Kingston West Police Division.