State Minister for Transport, Minister Morais Guy, is urging the public to exercise caution on the roads as they head into the Easter Holiday period.

This as the number of road fatalities already stands at eighty nine in four months, while the government attempts to keep them below 3-hundred for the year.

The Minister is appealing to motorists to exercise extreme caution in the high traffic environment over the holiday weekend.

Minister Guy says, Jamaicans have been losing their lives due to the recklessness of motorists who continue to disobey the rules of the road.

He says, if road users can undergo a change in conduct , Jamaica would witness a dramatic reduction in the incidents of road carnage.

The Minister is also urging care in the transportation of children, by ensuring that they are properly belted, and fitted in the necessary protective devices.

Pedestrians are also being advised not to put themselves in danger whilst using the roads.