Member of Parliament for St Catherine Eastern, Denise Daley, clashed with the Chairman of the Constituency Fund, Juliet Holness over her, Daley’s, alleged lack of attendance at committee meetings.

Things came to a head when Ms Daley took the chairman to task for not approving her constituency projects due to her being overseas.

However, Mrs Holness fired back noting the MP had a record of poor attendance.

Wayne Walker tells us more.

MP Daley was incensed. She accused the chairman of punishing her.

The practice of the CDF is for members to be in attendance for their projects to be approved.

Daley says she was never in agreement with the convention and strongly objected to the treatment.

However, Committee Chairman, Juliet Holness hit back, reminding Daley that her record of attendance has been abysmal.

In response, Daley suggested that pandemic restrictions impacted her attendance, and challenged Holness’ assertion that she missed several meetings.

But, the committee chairman called for the records which show that the East St. Catherine MP attends only one meeting per year on average.

Mrs Holness chastised the member for suggesting she was being treated differently, noting that other members have been similarly warned.

In response, Daley threatened to have herself removed from the committee.