The issue of poor treatment at the nation’s hospitals is again under the spotlight following a recent complaint from a sickle cell patient about manner in which he was treated at the Kingston Public Hospital, KPH.

The patient, Noel Bell, took to Twitter recently saying he also faced a near death experience at the University Hospital of the West Indies.
Mr Bell says over the years many patients who are sicklers like himself, have suffered indignities and less than acceptable care at the KPH.

He says it is common for nurses to not appreciate the severity of the pain of sickle cell patients who cry out for medication to ease their discomfort.
This he says only leads to the situation becoming more of a threat to the health of a sickler, as it seems some health care workers believe patients are not telling the truth.

He related instances which he says are common for patients with his condition, but it also applies to other patients with different types of health concerns.

A sickle cell patient, Noel Bell.

Meanwhile Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton says despite these complaints, the number regarding negative interactions with health care workers is minimal compared to the millions of annual visits to the facilities.
The Minister admitted that even one complaint was still cause for concern in the sector.

Dr Tufton says it is important to ratify the posting of the patients’ charter of rights to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities when they attend a health facility.
He committed to addressing this matter in his sectoral presentation in Parliament tomorrow.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton.