Radio station, Hot 102, is going off the air indefinitely, as former parent company CVM Television has booted it from its premises.

The radio station is this evening packing up equipment.

Staff have been advised to remove their personal items from the space and be prepared to operate from home.

Reports are that Hot is heavily in debt to CVM, and has not been able to make enough money to meet the costs of electricity and pay rent for the broadcast site.

The television company had given Hot until January 5 to vacate, but later extended that date to January 15.

Hot 102 CEO, Ken Williams, who purchased the company from CVM last January, told Nationwide News they’re moving to a more manageable space.

Ken Williams, CEO of Hot 102.

Williams says the company has signed a lease for a space somewhere in Kingston, but would not divulge the address.

He says the station will be going off the air tomorrow to facilitate the transition.

However, he could not say when they would resume broadcast


Williams also admits that Hot is in debt to CVM, but would not divulge to what extent.

Nationwide was unable to reach CVM CEO, Shamena Khan, whom we were told is the off the island.