Vice President of the People’s National Party, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, is declaring that she’s not a ‘puppet’ as she’s dismissing speculations about her motive for wanting to represent South West St. Andrew.

She says she’s not a part of any faction or wing that’s jostling for power in the PNP.

Mrs. Brown Burke made the declaration in an interview last evening on Nationwide@5.

It comes as there’s growing opposition to her potential candidacy among some delegates in the PNP safe seat represented by former Prime Minister and PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller.

Mrs. Brown Burke’s potential candidacy in the race to represent South West St. Andrew has been endorsed by Mrs. Simpson Miller.

That endorsement is an enviable prize which would ordinarily be expected to be a big boost; making her path to glory much easier. But instead, Mrs. Brown Burke is busy calming storms.

Some comrades in South West St. Andrew, whom she wants to represent, are rebelling against her. They say they don’t want her there.

In last Tuesday’s interview, she sought to explain why she did not seek nomination last month when she had the chance.

She says Mrs. Simpson Miller was carrying out consultations with her constituency committee and she didn’t want to disrespect that.

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She also said it seemed awkward that while that consultation was being done, nomination was opened.

Attorney-at-law and PNP member, Ashley Ann Foster, has said publicly that it would be unfair to reopen nomination to facilitate Mrs. Brown Burke, who’s now Councillor for the Norman Gardens Division in East Kingston. But Mrs. Brown Burke says that wouldn’t be a first.

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There are speculations behind the scenes that her impending candidacy is part of a bigger power play in the PNP.

One that’s focused on the presidency of the party after Dr. Peter Phillips.

In that theatre, she’s said to be part of a powerful ‘faction’ in East Kingston led by Member of Parliament and Region Three Chairman, Phillip Paulwell. But, Mrs. Brown Burke says her motive for wanting to go to South West St. Andrew is only to serve the people there.

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She says she understands the concerns of those who feel she’s being parachuted into the constituency, admitting there’s deep resentment among comrades over that approach. But she says that’s not the case where she’s concerned.

Mrs. Brown Burke says she’s willing to take part in a contest to represent South West St. Andrew, the PNP’s safest seat in the country. But if she’s rejected, she says she’ll accept it.

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