Defeated PNP candidate for Central Kingston, Imani Duncan Price, has thrown her support behind Lisa Hanna’s bid for the PNP candidacy.

Mrs. Duncan Price’s sister, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, is the spokesperson for the campaign team of Miss Hanna’s opponent Mark Golding.

Imani Duncan Price addressed a Hanna campaign meeting recently and said Miss Hanna has the skill set to lead the PNP and Jamaica.

Mrs. Duncan Price says Hanna’s understanding of socialism in its new dispensation is key.

Mrs. Duncan Price told the meeting that Miss Hanna is more equipped to lead the PNP when compared to Mark Golding.

Imani Duncan Price, former PNP candidate for Central Kingston and ex-Chief of Staff to outgoing PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips.

The PNP Presidential election will be held on November 7.