Stevian Simmonds reports

Former Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann, Dayton Campbell, says the PNP does not need a leader that’s similar to the JLP’s Andrew Holness, which is why he’s supporting Mark Golding.

Dr. Campbell in addressing party members in St. Ann says they need a leader who can tackle the key issues bedeviling the party.

He also says the PNP needs a leader who can raise funds.

Dr. Campbell says in reflecting on the PNP’s loss at the polls he believes the party is in need of a particular type of leader.

Dr. Campbell says chief among the issues is electing a leader who can unite the party.

He says only a member who did not take direct part in the divisive leadership race between Dr. Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting fits such a mold.

Dr. Campbell says the party lacks proper organisation, which Mr. Golding brings to the table.

He also says despite the seeming aversion to wealthy persons in the party, the PNP as an organisation needs someone who can raise money.

Dr. Campbell says a General Election cannot be boiled down to a simple popularity contest.

He says a particular skill set is required, which Mr. Golding possesses.

The former North West St. Ann MP also says the party needs a leader firm in their seat coming out of the last General Election.

This seems to be a reference to the fact that Mr. Golding won his South St. Andrew Seat by over six thousand votes, compared to Ms. Hanna who retained her seat by only 31 votes.