The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM is probing Monday’s controversial police shooting of a 63 year old farmer, Alvin Allen, in the community of Bath in St. Thomas.

INDECOM says it has already collected statements from residents and sent the weapons of all police personnel involved, to the government’s forensic labs for testing.

The lawmen involved have all been taken off frontline duty, pending an administrative review, in line with the policy of the Constabulary Force.

Residents last night blocked sections of the Bath main road in St. Thomas, to protest against what they say is a case of murder.

They had previously blocked the road on Monday.

But the police say Allen died during an exchange of gunfire.

They say they were on patrol in the area when they received reports of gunmen in a ganja field.

The police say they were escorted to an area, where they heard men talking in the bushes.

They say they announced themselves and the men opened fire at them.

The fire was returned and when the shooting ended, Allen was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital where he died about 2:30pm.