The management of the Jamaica Flour Mills says consumers should brace for an increase in the price flour as early as next week.

Managing Director of the Jamaica Flour Mills, Derrick Nembhard told our news centre today there has been a significant increase in the price of wheat and grain in the last 12-months.

The news come as Jamaica continues to battle with inflation.

Suzell Wray Reports.

Six per cent.

That’s the looming increase that’s coming to flour as early as next week, according to Managing Director of the Jamaica Flour Mills, Derrick Nembhard.

Mr. Nembhard explained that the Jamaica Flour Mills had seen three price increases in wheat and grain in 2021 alone as well as an increase in freight charges.

The increase in the price of Flour is sure to have, a knock on effect on the prices of other by products of flour such as bread and other baked products.

In the meantime, Marketing Officer at the Consolidated Bakeries Limited commonly known as Purity, Russanette Dennis says they had to increase their bread prices last year due to an increase in flour.

She says now with the looming increase in flour prices, the price for bread in particular will be going up as well.

However she says though there’s be a jump in the prices, they’ll try to keep it within the reach of the consumers.

Last week Jamaica Broilers announced that it will be increasing the price of chicken meat by up to 10 per cent.

According to the company the increase is driven by movements in the prices of other commodities such as corn.