A man who moved to the United States from Jamaica 43 years ago appeared in a court in West Virginia yesterday, as he bids to block his deportation.

The man, 52 year old Orville Hutton, also known as Mykal Rasyth, had pleaded guilty in 2010 to one count of malicious assault and three counts of second-degree sexual assault.

He served a prison term that ended on May 25, 2013.

But ten days prior to getting out of prison, Hutton learned that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, ICE, wanted to deport him because he had pleaded guilty.

Hutton has testified that his 2010 lawyer never asked him about where he was born and never broached the subject of deportation.

Additionally, Hutton said he never would have entered the plea, if his 2010 lawyer had told him it would mean being deported to Jamaica.

Hutton went to the United States on October 30, 1972, at the age of nine, with his father and three older siblings.

He testified that his family left Jamaica due to mounting violence.