A Jamaican has been sentenced to 63 months in a US Federal Prison for scamming nearly US $1 million from an elderly woman.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office, Jamaican national Rajay Dobson, of Trelawny, was also ordered to pay $900,000 in restitution for his role in the scheme.

Nora-Gaye Banton reports.

According to court documents, Dobson and another Jamaican national, Leonard Luton, conspired to convince an elderly woman that she had won a $2.8 million lottery and a Mercedes Benz.

However, they told the victim she needed to pay thousands of dollars in fees to receive her winnings.

During the scam, Dobson instructed the victim to mail packages of cash and cashier’s checks, in addition to six iPhones, to the addresses of Luton’s friends.

Dobson called the victim several times, trying to convince her to carry out his instructions.

On two occasions, at Dobson’s direction, Luton made trips to the victim’s home in Estes Park to pick up packages of cash.

During the first trip in October 2018, one of Luton’s co-conspirators went to the victim’s door at 1:30 a.m., identified himself as an FBI agent, showed her a fake FBI badge, and directed her to hand over a package containing $65,000 in cash.

On the second trip in January 2019, Luton was arrested at the victim’s residence when he arrived to pick up more cash.

In total, the victim was scammed out of more than $970,000.

After Luton was sentenced, the United States successfully located, arrested, and extradited Dobson from Jamaica.