A Jamaican woman who worked as a bogus cosmetic surgeon in the US state of New Jersey, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to injecting a man with silicone during a botched penis enlargement procedure in 2011.

The woman, Kasia Rivera, admitted to delivering the injection that killed 22-year-old Justin Street in May, 2011.

During a court hearing on Tuesday, the 38-year-old Rivera pleaded guilty to reckless manslaughter in a court in Essex County.

Prosecutors have agreed to recommend a sentence of five years in state prison, in exchange for the guilty plea by the Jamaican.

Rivera will be eligible for parole after she serves at least four years in prison.

She had also been charged with possession of a stun gun and for injecting silicone into another woman’s breasts and buttocks up to four times in unrelated cases.

Under her plea deal, the charges she’s facing in those unrelated cases will be dismissed.

Authorities say that in May, 2011, Mr. Street visited Rivera’s home for a so called ‘pumping party’, where she injected silicone into his penis.

The shot went directly into his bloodstream, shutting down his organs, causing him to die the next day.

Street’s death was ruled a homicide after a medical examiner determined that he died from a silicone embolism.

Rivera acknowledged that she was not trained as a medical doctor and that she never received training or a license to administer the silicone injection.

Silicon injections are used to enlarge body parts such as the buttocks or breasts.

However the substance is used illegally by untrained practitioners as a quick-fix budget alternative to cosmetic surgery.

In some cases, silicone can migrate through the bloodstream, resulting in a potentially fatal clot in the heart, brain or lungs.

The silicone can also migrate through tissue leaving disfigured lumps.

Superior Court Judge, Robert Gardner, reminded Rivera, that as a result of her guilty plea, she could be deported to Jamaica.

The Jamaican is scheduled to be sentenced on October 19.