Noted pollster, Don Anderson, says Jamaicans have grown disenchanted with repeated assurances from the Simpson Miller administration that economic growth is on the horizon.

Speaking today at a function hosted by the Lion’s Club of Kingston, Mr. Anderson noted that consumer confidence, which is usually high, has started to wane over the past few months as people become tired of holding strain.

Don Anderson says consumer and business confidence have been extremely high for several quarters.

He says the optimism among business operators has been fueled by the successful navigation of consecutive IMF tests.

Consumers on the other hand have been buying into the belief that better days are just around the corner.

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But according to the respected Pollster, those feelings have begun to erode.

Field data collected by Anderson’s team at Market Research Services Limited, show that consumers have grown weary of the government’s promises.

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Mr. Anderson says the growing pessimism among business owners and operators is due in part to the uncertainty surrounding the calling of the next general election.

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