A Jamaican company has acquired a stake in a mask-making factory in China, in order to supply Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean with affordable masks.

Novamed, founded by Dr. David Walcott and run in partnership with entrepreneur Kirk Anthony Hamilton, was launched in 2018.

Their mission is to attract innovation to Caribbean healthcare.

Dr. Walcott was a guest on Taking Stock with Kalilah Reynolds last evening.

On April 20, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that wearing masks in public is mandatory.

It’s now been one month since that order.

Jamaicans across the island have been donning mostly homemade masks, which are said to be less effective than surgical or medical masks, such as the N-95 type, which filter out 95-per cent of airborne particles.

Those are hard to come by.

Founder of Novamed, Dr. David Walcott, explains why.

Now they’ve taken it a step further and bought a stake in a mask-manufacturing factory in China.

The factory can make up to a million masks a day.

Dr. Walcott says Novamed is able to cut out the middle men and deliver masks to Jamaica at a cheaper price.

And he says, owning the source will avoid mask fraud.

Dr. Walcott says that won’t be a problem for Novamed, as their partners fully inspect the products on the ground and coordinate logistics to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Marjorie Gordon for Nationwide News.