Chevon Campbell has that story.

The majority of Jamaicans have no faith in the various agencies of the State in the country’s fight against corruption.

That’s according to a survey conducted by noted Pollster, Don Anderson, in partnership with the National Integrity Action, NIA.

The survery, which was released today, also found that a majority of Jamaicans still believe politicians and the police are corrupt.

Just a day after former Education Minister, Ruel Reid, was arrested and charged for corruption related offences, the NIA released its 2019 survey.

Of those surveyed 69% believe the police are very involved in corrupt activities.

The NIA survey was conducted between August 24 and September 18.

Approximately one thousand people were polled in a national representative survey with a margin of error of three per cent.

Mr. Anderson says the general populace does not have a high degree of confidence in the country’s anti corruption agencies.

The poll also found that 81% of Jamaicans have not accessed the country’s justice system.

And, of the remaining percentage which have, only a fraction have a high degree of confidence in justice being served.

Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of respondents say they are willing to help in the fight against corruption.

However, of those who are not prepared to join in the corruption fight, 47 per cent claimed they fear victimization as the primary reason.