Director of National Integrity Action, NIA, Professor Trevor Munroe, says yesterday’s arrest of former Education Minister, Ruel Reid, and his four co-accused is a positive sign for the principle of equality before the law.

The professor was speaking this morning at the launch of an anti- corruption partnership between the NIA and the European Union.

Marjorie Gordon tells us more.

Professor Munroe says the underpinning of justice in Jamaica is justice for all.

He says the arrest of the former Minister is the proper application of that principle.

Professor Munroe was addressing an audience which included the heads of some of Jamaica’s most important anti corruption agencies.

These include Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, Executive Director of the Integrity Commission, Colonel Daniel Pryce and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Lewellyn.

Speaking after the function, Professor Munroe lamented that in the decades since independence only one government minister has been convicted of corruption.

His comments come after former Education Minister Ruel Reid, was taken into custody after a pre-dawn operation at his home on Kings Avenue in upper St. Andrew.

Professor Munroe says gone are the days during which the police only raided the inner cities of Jamaica.