Some Jamaicans living in China, where a deadly coronavirus is wreaking havoc, are demanding that the government have them evacuated and returned home. 

But, according to one Jamaican teacher living in China, several of them want to remain in the Asian country.

Shaneka Henry McLean says those Jamaicans are more confident in the systems in place in China to deal with the health emergency.

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency, after it infected some 8-thousand people and killed over 170 of them. 

One Jamaican student living in the city of Wuhan, in China’s Hubei Province is Norville Belvett.

He described how the country launched a massive shutdown. 

But a Jamaican teacher living in China, Shaneka Henry McLean, is defending the Chinese authority’s handling of the crisis. 

Ms McLean says she’s numbered among the Jamaicans who want to stay in China, because they feel Jamaica is ill-prepared to manage the health emergency.

She points to the chikungunya and dengue fever outbreaks in Jamaica and says the country has done poorly in effectively containing those illnesses. 

Mrs McLean notes that several people are being inconvenienced by the shutdown in China. 

She says as part of the shutdown, there are routine traffic checks, voluntary quarantine, and also warnings to remain indoors. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. McLean is expressing dissatisfaction with Jamaica’s Foreign Ministry’s response to the emergency. 

In a voice note to Jamaicans living in China, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, said the Jamaican government was assessing its capacity to help. 

She also said the government is exploring ways to get food and supplies to the Jamaican nationals in China. 

Kamina Johnson Smith, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister. 

But Mrs McLean says the Jamaicans living in China are in need of additional support. 

She says among the critical needs are masks, hand sanitizers and other supplies. 

Shaneka Henry McLean, a Jamaican teacher living in China.

She was speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.