Nationwide News understands that yet another criminal investigation is underway into embattled and high profile real estate attorney, Jennifer Messado.

Messado is now being probed in relation to a complaint made to the Police Fraud Squad by businessman and contractor, Christopher Kerr.

Mr. Kerr gave a statement to the Police investigators yesterday. The Contractor is accusing Messado of uttering an illegal sale agreement.

The businessman says Messado prepared a forged sale agreement without his knowledge and attempted to sell his property which is located in Norbrook in Upper St. Andrew.

Mr. Kerr told Police investigators that Messado forged his signature on the sale agreement. He’s also accusing Messado of forging his parents signature.

In September 2017, lawyers for Mr. Kerr wrote Messado and urged her to cease and desist from interfering with the property.

They also changed locks on a building which is located there.

A copy of that letter was sent to the General Legal Council, GLC which supervises the conduct of attorneys.

The Police say an investigation is underway into the complaint filed by Christopher Kerr.

Messado is to be questioned at a later date. Her attorney, Christopher Townsend, says apart from the complaint filed by Mr. Kerr, he’s aware of other cases where his client is being investigated but has not yet been charged.

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Mr. Townsend says Messado will make her self-available to face the cases brought against her.

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Messado is already facing at least one dozen criminal charges in connection with approximately seven cases.

Among her accusers are dancehall entertainer, Mavado and politician, Norman Horne.

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