Both the governing Jamaica Labour Party and the Opposition People’s National Party are expressing satisfaction with a meeting on Tuesday regarding the impending by-election in South East St. Mary.

Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, chaired the meeting.

General Secretary for the PNP, Julian Robinson, says he feels the meeting was important. He attended the meeting which was also attended by the two candidates who’ll represent the PNP and JLP in the by-election.

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Julian Robinson, General Secretary for the PNP. The JLP’s Dr. Norman Dunn says the meeting was cordial.

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General Secretary for the JLP, Dr. Horace Chang, was absent from the meeting. However, he sent an apology.

The PNP called for the intervention of the Political Ombudsman as it raised concerns over the $626-million road and infrastructure project in St. Mary which the government launched last Friday.

It’s raised concerns that the project could be used to influence the impending by-election. But the governing JLP has said that’s not its intention, adding that the work is urgently needed.