The Jamaica Labour Party has indicated they will be filing for a magisterial recount in at least two seats today – Eastern Westmoreland and South East St. Ann.

In Eastern Westmoreland, the People’s National Party’s Luther Buchanan was declared the winner of the seat over the weekend.

The seat was initially declared for the JLP’s candidate, Daniel Lawrence on election night.

But Buchanan and Lawrence were down to a tie on Saturday during the final count.

This meant that the returning officer had to cast a ballot to break the deadlock.

The Returning Officer cast the decisive ballot for Buchanan by pulling his name from a box.

Mr. Buchanan says his supporters are elated.

Mr. Buchanan initially lost the seat on election night by 8 votes, but has now won Eastern Westmoreland by 1 vote.

He says picking up the 8 additional votes to tie with Mr. Lawrence shows that the constituents still have confidence in his leadership.

Luther Buchanan, the PNP’s Member of Parliament-elect for Eastern Westmoreland.

Buchanan’s win means the JLP now has 48 seats and the PNP 15.

Meanwhile, Attorney Oneil Brown representing the JLP’s candidate in Eastern Westmoreland says they’ll be filing for a magisterial recount today.

Oneil Brown, Attorney representing JLP candidate, Daniel Lawrence, in Eastern Westmoreland.

Mr. Brown did not want to reveal the exact number of rejected ballots, but says it was in the region of a hundred.

In the meantime, JLP candidate Daniel Lawrence says he’s still hopeful he’ll secure the seat for his party.

Daniel Lawrence, JLP candidate in Eastern Westmoreland.